The second Russian competition «Glass in architecture»

The Union of architects of Russia invites to take part in the second Russian competition
«Glass in architecture» with awarding of the National prize for the best realized project
with application of glass and translucent designs. 
Prize fund - 500000 roubles. Grand Prize - 300000 roubles.


The organizer of the competition:

the Union of architects of Russia.
With support: The Moscow committee of architecture, the Moscow architectural institute (the State academy), Joint-Stock Company "Expocentre".


The purpose of the competition:

definition of the best projects, revealing of new tendencies in sphere of use of glass in architecture, assistance to introduction of innovative and power effective decisions.

On competition REALISED BUILDINGS and PROJECTS of objects with use of glass and translucent designs are represented.


Competition is spent in 2 stages:

1st stage - exhibition of all works, selection of nominees, presentations by the architects of their works, nominated for the award (at conference «Glass in architecture: possibilities of innovations», the Moscow Architectural Institute,    April 23-24, 2012).
2nd  stage - exhibition of all works, definition and rewarding of winners (at the international exhibition «World of Glass -2012»,  "Expocentre", June 15, 2012).


Competition is spent on following nominations in each section:

1. The best architectural decision of objects of new building.
2. The best architectural decision of objects in historical building.
3. The best architectural decision of reconstructed objects.
4. The best innovative and power effective decisions (the power savings, ecological compatibility, safety, comfort of inhabitancy and so forth).
5. The best decisions of interiors and elements of buildings.
Participants of competition can be architects, designers, artists and all who is capable to bring the contribution to development of the architectural environment with application of the translucent designs.
Reception of works: from February 1 till April 10, 2012 (inclusive).
Terms of carrying out of competition are presented in the Status about competition (



The project head - Solopov George, 
Vice-president of The Union of architects of Russia
Coordinators of the project – Belova Olga,
Glazkova Elena.

+ 7 (495) 691-86-60, 697-69-11, 690-69-92


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